Building an Extension, Part V

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As I left for work on Friday the builders had just begun to lay the first layer in the sandwich that will be our eventual floor. There was no work taking place on the trench, the pipe was still unconnected, and the mound of earth in the garden was as big as ever.

By the time I returned there had been a significant transformation:

The pipe was in place, and the mound of earth used to back-fill the trench. The first layer of aggregate had gone down, followed by a layer of sand:

The extra work with the drain had caused something of a delay. They’d had the concrete for the floor slab booked for that day, but postponed it until after the weekend due to the time pressure. So at the end of the second week of construction, we had a low, sand-filled outline of the extension, a few extra manholes, and a very disrupted garden. Still, with the pile of earth now back in the ground, at least the latter was starting to look a little better:

Next time: A new week, a new floor and new walls