This is the second in our trilogy of movie poster parodies. Like the previous one, this originated with the first incarnation of The Greys, some fifteen years ago. At that time this would have been almost topical, as “The Usual Suspects” was released in 1995, with this poster:

Back then our images were much simpler, there were no Easter Eggs in our strips, and the jokes were a little more basic. So basic, in fact, that the humour in this strip originally hung on the fact that the original poster had a police line-up complete with height marks, and that our grey aliens were all a bit short. This is what it looked like in Vince’s notebook:

And this is how it looked when we stopped work on The Greys the first time round:

When we began the work to resurrect The Greys as a webcomic, back in late 2008, this was fairly high on our list of strips to tweak and update for the new media. We went back to the original source material in order to create a more accurate parody, and in doing so decided on the theme of using a few evil characters from sci-fi to reflect the clothes, style or stance of the original characters. It quickly became apparent that the characters we’d chosen were, if anything, renowned for their height rather than the lack thereof. So the not-very-amusing gag about The Greys being 3′ tall was thrown out in favour of five taller characters in a more accurate parody, which we developed on-and-off for quite some time, only now (some 18 months later) considering it finished enough to post.

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