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This is the second of our “revisited” series, where we re-create some of our older strips with the benefit of a few years of experience using Inkscape. You can still see the old version of this strip on our site if you want a bit of nostalgia. As with the previous revisited strip, this one has gained a substantially larger Easter Egg than the original had.

This new take on our classic strip is also available to buy as a greetings card – if you happen to be in the Aylesbury area. At the moment they’re only being sold in Dead Universe Comics — together with a host of other cards based on our Greys and Monsters, Inked strips. Do pop in and buy some if you’re in the area.

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↓ Transcript
[Two greys in a flying saucer are approaching a Star Trek style spaceship, except that it has loads of warp nacelles bolted on all over it]

G1: I don't care if it can do warp 30 — it still looks bloody stupid!