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About the License:

Our comics are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike license. In addition to the final PNG image that appears on this site, each comic also has a link to the SVG file that was used to create it. If you want to print, modify or translate any of our comics you’ll find that the SVG file is usually the best starting point.

Copying and Linking:

Feel free to send copies of our comics to your friends, or put them on your own personal blog. You have to make sure that there is a clear attribution to us – an obvious link back to the original comic is sufficient.

You are welcome to link directly to our comics using an <img> tag, but you must also provide an obvious link to the original comic. Sending the URL of a comic to your friends, or placing such a link in a web page, is positively encouraged.

Modifying and Printing:

You have the right to modify any of our comics on a non-commercial basis, provided you supply a suitable attribution which directs people to the original comic, and provided that you make any modified version available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike license.

If your modifications are substantial, or they significantly change the words of the original comic, then you must make it clear that your work is only based on ours, and that the modifications were made by you. We don’t want to get into trouble because other people put words into our (characters’) mouths.

You may print our comics for non-commercial use. This means that you may produce your own T-shirt, mouse mat or poster based on our work, but may not sell such items. Any such items must also carry an appropriate and legible attribution. If you do produce your own merchandise from our work, we would appreciate a donation to help with our hosting costs.

If you would like some merchandise, but don’t want to produce it yourself, then please post a comment to that effect so that we can gauge the level of demand to determine what merchandise we should offer ourselves.


We would be delighted for you to translate our comics into your own language. This is a form of modification, and usually results in an image that is posted on a personal blog – so both the “modifying” and “copying” sections above still apply.

If you do translate our work then please post a note in the comments section of the relevant comic. Your note should contain the URL of the translated version, a localised phrase to indicate the language that you have translated into, and an English version of the same phrase (so that we don’t just think your non-English post is spam).

Translations are best performed on the SVG file and then rendered to a PNG or similar format. If you do this, you should also make your modified SVG file available.

Commercial Use:

Commercial use of our comics is prohibited by the license. If you wish to use our work on a commercial basis, then please contact us to discuss an alternative license or a waiver of that clause. If you are not sure whether or not your project constitutes a commercial use of our work then you should contact us with further details.

Easter Eggs:

Many of our comics contain “Easter Eggs” – hidden features, jokes or comments which are not immediately visible in the rendered PNG version. Usually these are embedded into the SVG file. If you wish to go egg hunting then you should probably read our dedicated Easter Egg page.

Modifying the SVG Files:

Our SVG files are created initially using Inkscape (though many are subsequently altered in a text editor to add Easter Eggs). This is an excellent vector graphics editor which uses SVG as its principal file format. It is free of charge, open source and available for several different platforms. If you wish to modify or translate our comics, then Inkscape is probably the best tool to use.