This strip was partly inspired by a recent re-watching of the “classic” film, Fantastic Voyage, and partly by the shrinking/embiggening ray in our own ‘Monsters, Inked‘ comic strip. As a sci-fi theme, shrinking or enlarging people and objects seems to have fallen into disrepute. With more widespread understanding of atoms and molecules amongst the populace, it’s difficult to create a serious treatment of the genre without introducing major plot holes. As such it’s usually relegated to comedy films, where it can still work well.

Cette bande dessinée est aussi disponible en français
This comic is also available in French

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↓ Transcript
[A "Marko Ramius" (Hunt for Red October) Grey is talking to a doctor]

Ramius: …but I don't understand why you need my help. I'm a submarine captain, not a doctor!

Doctor: We've developed an amazing device that lets us put a submarine into a patient's body so that we can perform surgery from the inside.

Ramius: So you mean you've actually found a way to shrink a full sized submarine and its crew down to microscopic proportions?

Doctor: Erm… not quite. But now that you mention it…

Doctor: …perhaps shrinking the sub would have been a better option!

[Panel shows them standing next to a normal sized submarine, and an enormously enlarged patient]