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One project we’ve been working on over the past few months has been to re-create some of our oldest comics – mostly the ones that started life on Corel Draw 20 years ago – with the benefit of 5 years’ worth of Inkscape experience under our belts. This is the first of our revisited strips, and it actually represents the fourth time this comic has been re-worked in one way or another.

The first time was its original creation as a Corel Draw file, which was used as both a comic strip and a greetings card. Then in 2009 we converted it to an SVG file and tidied it up in Inkscape, changing the aspect ratio to suit our new webcomic format. The third version was quite close to the one you can see here, and was created for the “Dead Universe, Year One” anthology in 2013. That version was subsequently tweaked to form the basis of a new print of the greetings cards.

This most recent version mostly changes the 2013 release by giving the Greys some clothes to wear. Why did we need to do that? As well as updating these older strips we’re also giving them entirely new Easter Eggs, so the modification was to make this comic tie in with the bonus panels in the Inkscape file. With a file size that’s six times larger than the original version, you might be able to guess that the new Easter Egg adds quite a bit to this otherwise simple strip.

There are more “revisited” strips to come – just as soon as we finish the new Easter Eggs!

Click here to download the SVG source for this comic