Okay it’s a cheap and easy gag, but not all our work has to be highbrow and intellectual. Or is that “any of our work”? Besides, if a celebrity is going to turn into a ufologist for a few years, it would be a bit foolish for a comic about aliens to ignore the obvious jokes.

I’ll happily admit that I’m not a fan of Robbie Williams. I’m sure he’s a nice enough person if you meet him in the flesh, but the arrogant rock-star persona doesn’t really do it for me. But I understand that there are some Robbie fans out there who might be offended by this comic, so for those people I suggest you download the SVG file and go hunting for the obvious Easter Egg. Or you could just print out the image below and tape it to your screen in the correct place.


As we’ve revealed the Easter Egg you might be wondering why you should bother downloading the SVG file. To answer that we would just like to point out that we often put more than one Easter Egg into a file…

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This comic is also available in French

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This comic is also available in Indonesian

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↓ Transcript
G1: I hear that Robbie Williams is planning to release a new album

G2: Time for another fly-by of his house then. With luck we can keep him looking for aliens for another three years instead.