This one’s being posted on the 5th of November, which to us Brits is commonly known as “Bonfire Night”. It’s a night of fireworks and effigial immolation, so what better image to go with than an epic conflagration from the depths of our archives.

This is one of our early comics, originally created in Corel Draw. The old version used some Corel clipart for the landmarks, so rather than risk the ire of Corel’s lawyers, we’ve drawn our own silhouettes.

The actual joke here is a little ambiguous, and different people read different things into it. There’s an obvious homage to Planet of the Apes, but beyond that the events that led to several major landmarks all being on fire in the same place at the same time (and at oddly different scales) will be left to your imagination.

As an aside, at the point at which I’m uploading this file, I’m sitting in a freezing cold house, awaiting the fitting of a new central heating boiler tomorrow. Perhaps that also had a bearing on our choice of a warm, glowing, fiery comic. Time to dig out my “DVD Fireplace” – a great visual placebo in times of coldness.

Cette bande dessinée est aussi disponible en français
This comic is also available in French

Komik ini juga tersedia dalam Bahasa Indonesia
This comic is also available in Indonesian

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↓ Transcript
A fleet of flying saucers hovers over a flaming scene of many of Earth's most famous landmarks.

Caption: Clearly the phrase "Would you like a hot dog" meant something different in their native tongue!