This strip is called “iPhone Part II” because it’s intended to follow on from “iPhone Part I“. And do you know why it was originally intended to follow on from “iPhone Part I”? It’s because it was originally part of “iPhone Part I”. This comic, you see, actually started out as the Easter Egg for its predecessor. Yes, that’s right – our Easter Eggs are sometimes so involved that they are entire multi-panel strips hidden away in the recesses of our SVG files. So if you find yourself suffering from The Greys withdrawal and need more of a fix, grab yourself a copy of Inkscape (it’s a free download), and go hunting round our SVG files. You never know what you might find…

Clearly, however, this strip is no longer the Easter Egg for “iPhone Part I”. There are two reasons for the split: firstly we felt that this was strong enough to stand up as a comic in its own right; secondly – and more importantly – we were running out of completed comics, and needed to increase our stocks a little.

Now that you know the history of this strip, it might also make a little more sense of the location in which the previous comic was set. In fact we nearly called it “Blakes 0770”, but its relationship to “iPhone Part I” prevailed and we went with a far less interesting title, simply to ensure that people would realise that this gag is a continuation of the previous one.

Cette bande dessinée est aussi disponible en français
This comic is also available in French

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