Star Trek is an easy target for sci-fi jokes. From its dated original series, through to the recent big screen reboot, it’s gone through so many different incarnations and styles that it’s not difficult to pick out plot holes or repeated elements that have made their way into the public consciousness. It’s exactly these types of things that The Greys often relies on as inspiration for its jokes, and Star Trek has them by the bucket load.

Yes, the Stargate franchise might have run to more episodes, but Star Trek has a special place in people’s hearts. More people know of Klingons and Vulcans than Goa’uld and Ori, even if they’re not really sci-fi fans. And of course the hardcore Trekkers who like to dress up in Star Fleet uniforms only help to reinforce the public’s image of what sci-fi fans are really like – even if we’re not.

So this one’s for all the redshirts who gave their on-screen lives to create a meme that has perpetuated at least as far as JJ Abrams’ recent Star Trek outing. It’s also dedicated to all the other Star Trek memes that we have yet to write jokes about (but are bound to get to eventually). Most of all, this is a thanks to Star Trek for acting as a universal translator that allows “normal” people to understand some of our sci-fi jokes.

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↓ Transcript
[Scene 1 shows the outside of a stadium, with a sign on it saying, "Cochrane Stadium - Home of the Federation Redshirts"]

[Scene 2 shows the inside of the stadium, looking into the bleachers]

G1: They're killing us out there

G2: …again…