After pointing out with the last comic that we only occasionally do puns… here’s another pun.

The opening panel was inspired by my childhood years reading “The Beano” (yes, I was in the Dennis the Menace fan club). In particular I was reminded of the way in which fights amongst The Bash Street Kids were represented by a cloud of kerfufflement with a few limbs and items of schoolboy weaponry protruding.

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↓ Transcript
[Two Greys are fighting. Captain Picard intervenes]

Picard: Right, break it up! What's going on here?

G1: He started it sir

G2: No I didn't. I was just talking to Lieutenant Grey over there, when he suddenly started laying into me

Picard: Is this true?

G1: He provoked me sir. He was saying things about my girlfriend

Picard: What kind of things?

G1: Lies sir. Damned lies which question her morality and fidelity

G1: He said that she'd been sleeping with Klingons

G2: I said no such thing!

G1: Yes you did! I heard you. You were telling Lieutenant Grey that "Commander Worf fuc—

G2: NO! I was telling Lieutenant Grey to start the engines.
What I actually said was, "Lieutenant, warp factor one"