With this strip we’ve reached the end of our Filmnesia series. We’ve seen the main character go from a temporary mind-wipe so he could see a film for the first time, through a more permanent amnesia in order to wipe out the memory of a dreadful film, to the logical conclusion of wiping out everything and starting again… only to find out that starting again isn’t as fun as it sounds.

This has been the longest series of Greys strips we’ve done. We’ll probably do another multi-strip series again in future (we’ve got some great ideas, and just need to find the time to draw them), but for now it’s back to individual stand-alone strips for a while. Having said that, there will be a bit of a theme running through several of our stand-alone strips this year: being English sci-fi fans we will, of course, be trying to squeeze a few Doctor Who characters and references in during this 50th anniversary year. Make sure you check out our next strip for the first of them.

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↓ Transcript
G1: So how are you getting on now that you've wiped your mind of all the fiction you've ever read or seen?

G2: Not too bad… but I hadn't quite realised what the full effect of such a mind wipe would be.

G1: What do you mean?

G2: Well, I tried going straight to Lord of the Rings, but it was just too much for me.
I need more background knowledge — more of the basics — before I'll be able to appreciate something of that depth and complexity.

G1: So what are you reading now?

G2: It's called The Very Hungry Tribble