When we began work on the previous comic, some 12 years ago, we discussed the possibility of this joke. Back then, though, it didn’t really make sense. Arnold Schwarzenegger was still The Terminator, not an ex-terminator. We put together the previous comic, but didn’t bother to pursue this one.

In the meantime Arnie stopped being The Terminator, and instead entered the world of politics. Now he really is an ex-terminator, so when we dug out the old Dalek comic and spruced it up for the rebirth of The Greys, it made sense to also finally create this follow-up. It was a dozen years in the making, but we think it was worth it.

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This comic is also available in French

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This comic is also available in Indonesian

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↓ Transcript
Two Greys, the first trapped in a pile of Tribbles. The second is pointing at a characature of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

G2: It's okay Jim, the ex-terminator's here