The Greys

14 years ago a friend and I began work on a sci-fi themed comic strip called “The Greys”, drawn using a free version of CorelDraw 4 from a magazine coverdisc.

I’ll skip the intervening 13 years…

We’ve now launched “The Greys” as a webcomic. CorelDraw has been replaced by the excellent (and Open Source) Inkscape, and we’re making the original SVG files available for download as well, under a Creative Commons licence. Many of the comics also include some kind of hidden Easter Egg which can often be found by poking around the SVG file using Inkscape. More details are on the site.

Due to the time it takes to revamp and update each of the old CorelDraw 4 files into a shiny new SVG file, we’re currently only posting one new comic every fortnight. Hopefully we’ll be able to increase that to weekly at some point.

If you like the comics, please share them with other people, email them, re-post them on your own website or print them on a T-shirt – check the “Using and Modifying Our Comics” page for full details. And remember to check back every fortnight (or subscribe to the RSS feed).

The main link for the site is (yes, that’s the root of this site – we’ve had the domain for many years, so it seemed a reasonable place to put this blog when I started it), or you can click on this nice banner image below:

The Greys