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We plan to promote the comic more strongly this year, as we’ve now got a whole season of strips for newcomers to look at. Our Facebook page is obviously part of that plan, as is the Deviant Art page I’ve set up. We’d love for you to help us out by sharing our comics with your friends and family: every strip has a sharing widget at the bottom of the page (just after the SVG file download box, before the transcript) to make it as easy as possible for you to link to us.

This particular comic was borne of envy, sort of. When I found that I needed a background based on Blakes 7’s Liberator set, I set out to create it as best I could given my limited artistic skills. As flawed as it was, it was still more involved than any other background that we had at the time. Vince – the more artistically talented part of this duo – was a little jealous of my creation, so set out to draw something that would put my Liberator set to shame. The Enterprise bridge used in this strip was the result.

As is often the case with our comics there was a long period of work, re-work and re-re-work before we had a complete comic for which to use his background. Not to mention the “damn! now we’ve got to create a suitable Easter Egg” moment which often hits us just when we’re sick and tired of working on a particular strip. So despite our Enterprise bridge being largely finished about six months ago, it was only a couple of weeks back that we decided this strip was ready to face the world.

We hope you like it.

Cette bande dessinée est aussi disponible en français
This comic is also available in French

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↓ Transcript
[External view of USS Enterprise]

G1: Duty Officer's personal log, stardate 4523.2. Yet again nothing has happened. Nothing at all. No sign of the Klingons…

[Internal view of the bridge]

G1: …no attacks from the Romulans…
…no dodgy trades with the Ferengi…
…no anomalous chronoton particles or energy beings…

…no transporter accidents and no diplomatic problems with the Vulcan High Command

Nope, just another dull day here on the Enterprise.

For some reason exciting things only seem to happen to certain members of the crew.

You know, some of us are starting to think that Kirk and his cronies are just attention seekers...