This is an Italian translation of our comic, “The Unusual Suspects“, courtesy of spaventapasseri from Click on the image for the full-sized version:

This comic is a parody of the poster and DVD sleeve used for the film “The Usual Suspects” – released in Italy as “I Soliti Sospetti”. This is a particularly interesting translation, as spaventapasseri and I worked together in order to modify the style of our original comic to more closely match the styling used for the Italian release of the film:

Translating a comic into a different language is often difficult. Direct translations of the text may not have the same effect as a carefully crafted translation that uses local phrases and idioms. And sometimes, as in this case, the best result requires not just translated text, but changes to the comic itself. We’re very lucky to have translators like spaventapasseri who are prepared to work with us and put in the extra effort needed to produce the best translations they can.

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