Throughout season 5 of The Greys we’ve been celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who, and although the actual anniversary has been and gone, our season isn’t over yet.

This isn’t the first ‐ or even the second — board game related comic strip we’ve done. Unfortunately, however, this one may not travel particularly well as “Guess Who” has, at the time of writing, only ever been released in Britain and the USA.

EDIT: Thanks to a comment left by Sami, I’ve since discovered that the game has been released in various other countries, but under localised names. As the joke largely relies on “Guess Who” suggesting a game about “Doctor Who” I still don’t think it will travel particularly well, but it should do better than I originally thought.

Cette bande dessinée est aussi disponible en français
This comic is also available in French

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↓ Transcript
Cyberman: Has yours got floppy hair?

Dalek: No.

Dalek: Has yours got a Northern accent?

Cyberman: No

Cyberman: Did yours cruelly and maliciously attempt the genocide of your entire race?

Dalek: Yes!

Dalek: Does yours wear a scarf?

Cyberman: No…

[Final scene shows they are playing a Doctor Who themed game of "Guess Who"]