Storytelling is the art of playing “what if?” with the state of the world. What if aliens are real? What if we could bring dinosaurs back to life? What if a high school chemistry teacher started making drugs?

There’s perhaps no bigger “what if?” than aging. As an inescapable process that affects — and ultimately destroys — every one of us, it’s a tantalising subject to play around with. What if we were to age in reverse? That one was most famously covered in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but there are many other examples. What if some people were immortal? Would that be a blessing, or a curse? Science fiction is replete with examples immortality in various forms, ranging from Highlander (just the first one though!) to the Q Continuum, and arguably including various life and soul-sucking creatures (Vampires, the Wraith) that can prolong their existence indefinitely, provided they can find enough mortals to consume.

So, what if our lives were to be artificially cut short for some (long forgotten) political reason? That’s the premise behind Logan’s Run, the inspiration for our comic. With Earth’s population still growing rapidly it seems a more relevant idea now than ever before, yet a movie remake has been stuck in development hell for years. But there’s no rush — unlike us poor humans with our finite lifespans, copyrights seem to get a fresh lease of life every time a certain mouse’s time is due.

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↓ Transcript
[Characters from "Logan's Run" are in a waiting room]

G1: According to this article, computers in the past frequently suffered from what was called the "Blue Screen of Death"

Logan: Thank goodness there's nothing like that these days…

[A voice from outside the panel shouts "Next!"]

[Inside the doctor's room. The doctor is pulling a blue vanity screen across]

Doctor: Ah, Mr. Logan, I see from your notes that it's your 30th birthday today. Congratulations!

If I could just get you to step behind this blue screen for your mandatory injection…