This strip was, of course, inspired by the recent release of the film ‘Battleship‘ – based on the board game of the same name! But with added aliens. Yes, really.

On the whole Hollywood isn’t exactly known for its originality, but creating a film “based on” a game with no characters, no real plot or depth, and characterised solely by a few random acts of violence seems low even for them. Actually strike that: now that I think about it, it’s the perfect Hollywood formula.

That’s not to say that it’s impossible to create a good film based on a game: we’re both fans of ‘Clue’ which was at least based on a game with characters, props and a complete set design. But even Shakespeare wrote a play based on the game ‘Othello‘, didn’t he…?

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This comic is also available in French

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↓ Transcript
[Two Greys are trapped in a tube, surrounded by large balls]

G2: I can't hold on much longer!

G1: We just need to control our descent…

G1: Don't give in. We can make it!

G2: It's too late — we're doomed!

[They are in a wider part of the tube, still surrounded by balls, but also criss-crossed with coloured poles]

G1: Hang on to the poles…

G2: I can't — they keep moving!

G2: I'm falling………

G1: Noooooo!!!

[They're crushed in a narrower part of the tube again]

G1: Hrmph… hmm mrmwrph…

G2: Chest being crushed… can't breathe…

[Final scene shows they have emerged from the tube into a large tray of the coloured balls. There is a logo for "KERPLUNK, The Movie", with a tag line of "From the director of 'Battleship'"]