I’m more than happy to pay for movies, TV shows and other media, so long as I feel like I’m getting a fair deal. Forcing me to watch anti-piracy adverts before I’m allowed to see the content on my legitimately purchased DVDs is not a fair deal. Especially when I have to watch them for each and every disc in a box-set. Even more so when they try to conflate piracy with more physical crimes, as in this UK anti-piracy ad that appears at the start of hundreds of my dics:

Of course, we’re not the first people to have parodied this video by slightly escalating the crimes depicted:

In our defence, we wrote this joke long before seeing that episode of The IT Crowd. I’d hate anyone to think we were simply copying it 😉

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↓ Transcript
[Scene shows Darth Vader about to kill the young Padawans] [Caption: You wouldn't massacre the younglings…]

[Caption: You wouldn't force choke an admiral…]
[Scene shows Vader doing exactly that]

[Scene shows a laser beam hitting a planet]
[Caption: You wouldn't destroy Alderaan…]

[Scene shows the planet exploding]
[Caption: So why would you copy a holodisc?]

[Luke Skywalker is with C3PO and R2D2, trying to view Princess Leia's holo-message]

C3PO: What do you mean you can't skip it? Master Luke just wants to see the main presentation.