A bit of an obvious joke – I’m surprised that I haven’t seen it used on any other webcomic yet – and not quite as topical as it would have been a few weeks ago when we started it. Unfortunately our stock of Flash Gordon characters was pretty limited at the time, so it’s taken a while to draw Prince Vultan, Dale Arden and “war rocket Ajax” in the background. In fact, of the main strip, the only character we already had was Ming, courtesy of “The Unusual Suspects”.

Drawing this strip has involved several weeks of Vince’s Brian Blessed impersonation – enough to drive any man to despair. Yet despite hearing it numerous times over the past few weeks, I’ve somehow managed to suppress the urge to squeeze a “Gordon’s Alive?!” into the Easter Egg.

With our earlier pair of comics (1, 2) and our recent last-minute gag about the reception issues, you might think we’ve got it in for the iPhone. In practice we just go where the opportunity takes us – and Apple has been a good enough to provide us with a few jokes at their expense. It will be someone else’s turn soon enough, but if you do insist on marketing your product as though it’s the greatest creation in the history of mankind, you’re just asking for trouble when people discover it’s less than perfect.

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This comic is also available in French

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