This year has been ripe for topical comics – as a mark of honour, celebration, congratulations, sarcasm or support. We were going to lay off the topical strips for a while, but then Apple had to go and release such a universally derided Maps app that we couldn’t really let it go without comment.

Besides, teasing Apple’s iPhone issues has become something of a sport for us.

For anyone not keeping up with the latest technology news, Apple has released their new iPhone 5, and with it a new version of the i-device operating system, iOS 6. One of the biggest changes has been the removal of Google as their mapping provider, apparently in favour of some artwork by a surrealist painter and a collection randomly places labels. Seriously, you only have to check out a few of the entries in this Tumblr blog to see just how bad it is! (And if you’re a Tumblr user, feel free to follow us: TheGreysComic and MonstersInkedComic)

I can fully understand why Apple wanted to produce their own mapping application. With more and more phone apps and services being location-aware, it makes sense for them to have full control over such an increasingly important part of their software stack. A few software updates and in six months time this whole debacle will be history, while leaving them in a much better position to move forward. But it’s still worth teasing them about while we’ve got the chance.

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↓ Transcript
[A UFO is in orbit around a glowing orangey-red planet]

Captain: …and you're absolutely certain that this is Earth?

[On the ship's bridge]

First Officer: Yes Captain — it says so right here on the Maps app of my new iPhone 5