Stargazing Live” is a BBC show hosted by Britain’s current rock star scientist, Professor Brian Cox, and Irish comedian Dara Ó Briain. It runs over three nights, with the aim of encouraging the British public to get out of their armchairs and step outside to see the wonders of the night sky (or, depending on location, to just wonder about what the night sky might look like without so much light pollution).

And yes, during the first series in 2011, they genuinely did miss a meteor falling right behind one of the presenters.

The classic gag of a character being completely oblivious to events taking place behind them is one of the staples of British humour. Every year thousands of audiences around the country enter into the pantomime tradition of shouting “he’s behind you” at a lead character, only for the subject of the cry to disappear out of sight before the leading character turns round. Yes, that’s what passes for amusement on our little island.

When treated more seriously the notion of an oblivious character raises its head quite frequently in the world of science fiction. How often have we been treated to a stalker’s-eye view of a character, before the camera angle changes and we see that same character checking behind them for the now-hidden (or invisible) stalker – usually just before they decide they must have been mistaken, continue on regardless, and die a grisly death?

With such widespread use in both comedic and dramatic contexts, this is a plot device that was ripe for us to parody – so thanks to the BBC for giving us a second series of “Stargazing Live” and with it a perfect opportunity for this joke.

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↓ Transcript
[Scene shows Professor Brian Cox presenting in front of a telescope. He's facing the audience]

BC: I'm Professor Brian Cox, and you're watching "Stargazing Live 2012"
Last year we received a lot of press coverage after one of our presenters failed to spot a meteor falling right behind him

[Scene shows the USS Enterprise and a Klingon ship speeding into view. Brian Cox is oblivous to this]

BC: So this year we'll be keeping an extra close eye on the skies to make sure nothing like that happens again

[Enterprise fires on the Klingon ship. BC still oblivious to what's happening behind him]

BC: You can rest assured that our highly trained team of astronomers will be on the look out for anything out of the ordinary

[Klingon ship explodes]

BC: Hold on! I'm just getting some breaking news in my ear from one of our astronomers now...

[Enterprise speeds off]

BC: That's amazing! Apparently in the sky right now…

[Brian Cox finally turns to look through his telescope, but all evidence of the battle has gone. He's unaware that anything has happened]

BC: …the cloud cover has opened up enough for us to get a great view of Jupiter