This is obviously one of our newer comics – though the idea for it has been kicking around ever since I first saw ceiling cat. We figured we’d better post this one sooner rather than later – LOLCats have been around for a little while now, and we didn’t want to be left with a comic referencing an out-of-date meme. That reminds me, I must finish off that Star Wars Kid comic…

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This comic is also available in French

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↓ Transcript
Two greys talking:

G1: High Commander, I bring grave news… we will have to stop the invasion

G2: I thought your reconnaissance had indicated that the humans have no advanced technology that could hinder us

G1: It's not the humans, High Commander… it's the cats!

G1: It seems that the humans were just a decoy. While we were focussing on the people, the cats have been developing
advanced technology in secret

G2: And you have evidence of this?

G1: Yes sir. We've found pictures on the internet — hundreds of them. We've been triyng to decipher the cat's language

G2: Go on…

G1: It appears to be a phonetic variation of English, but we think there might be a hidden code behind it — it's the only logical reason for the atrocious spelling

G1: Through examining these pictures we've discovered that the cats have some sort of invisibility ray. We've seen experimental evidence of early test subjects who have rendered sandwiches and bicycles completely invisible

G1: There's also evidence of at least one experiment in anti-gravity propulsion, code-named "Hover Cat"

G2: Damn! Invisibility and anti-gravity. You're right, these creatures are too advanced by far. We shall call off the invasion

[Panel shows a wider view with "ceiling cat" looking down on The Greys]

G2: I'm just glad that we found this out before they discovered our plans