This comic, like many of our strips, is a work of satire. Yes, that may be an obvious statement to make, but as with any politically charged subject there will always be someone ready to read too much into the few words we put on the screen. So let’s get one thing straight: we are not climate change deniers, or even skeptics.

What we actually believe about climate change is, however, of little significance. What matters is what we, as a race, try to do about climate change. You see it doesn’t much matter whether temperatures are going up, down, up-and-down in a cycle, or staying pretty much the same. What really matters is that our carbon economy has lead to us living way beyond our means. We’re racking up a debt that our descendants will have to pay, as we tear into our planet for whatever resources we can get our hands on.

So whether climate change is real or not doesn’t really matter. What matters is that belief in climate change has led to greater awareness of our impact on the planet, and that’s definitely a good thing. Now if there was just enough political will to actually do something about it – and no, the currently legislated collection of platitudes doesn’t really count for much – then perhaps we could take on the burden of change a little more now, rather than leaving a lot more for our kids to deal with.

Here endeth the sermon. Normal, non-satirical comics will resume next time.

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↓ Transcript
(Caption: 250 years ago)

G1: Our population is growing too large for our planet to support. I understand you can terraform another planet for us, to make it more suitable for our needs.

G2: I can - and I've got just the planet in mind. It's called "Earth", and it's almost perfect for your requirements.

G1: Almost?

G2: It's just a bit chilly - but a little terraforming will soon warm it up.

G1: How much will the process cost?

G2: That depends on how long you've got. There's the expensive-but-fast option, where we send a terraforming probe down to the planet, and it changes the atmospheric conditions for us.

G1: And the cheap option?

G2: We infiltrate the local population, and seed them with technologies that will release greenhouse gasses and ultimately increase the temperature of the planet. Things like internal combustion engines, jet engines and industrialisation.

G1: How long will that take?

G2: Oh, a couple of hundred years.

G1: Then we'll go for the cheap option... we're not in that much of a rush.