In the Star Trek world, it’s well known that Doctor McCoy had a dislike of transporters. But really, who can blame him? Transporter accidents have resulted in pshychosis, duplicate humans, visits to (and visitors from) alternate realities and the chimeric merging of characters, on more than one occasion. In fact, given the number of transporter accidents that have occurred throughout the Star Trek franchise, it’s incredible that they were ever approved for anything other than cargo.

Perhaps Santa would have been better simply using the transporter to beam presents directly into children’s houses.

Merry Christmas 😀

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↓ Transcript
Santa: Geordie you've got to help me — there are just too many kids these days for me to do this job on my own

Geordie: Sure… but what can I do?

Santa: Well, do you remember that transporter accident that created a duplicate of Will Riker…?

[Caption: Some time later…]

Santa: Geordie! What did you do? The new Santa has been destroying children's toys
and instead of a full and fluffy white beard he's just got a little black goatee

Geordie: It sounds like I've pulled your evil twin over from the mirror universe by mistake

Santa: How did that happen?

Geordie: Well… there have been so many transporter accidents over the years that I guess I must have reproduced the wrong one!