Next week’s comic will be arriving a little early – on Monday. The reason is that we’re appearing in print, in issue 20 of our local town council’s magazine, Aylesbury Town Matters. Next week’s strip will be a copy of the one from the magazine in case any readers want to download the source file, and is being posted to coincide with the initial deliveries. The magazine goes out four times a year to over 29,000 households in Aylesbury, so we’re delighted to be making an appearance. With luck the comic will be a regular addition to the magazine, but nothing is set in stone yet.

Aylesbury is a medium sized town in Buckinghamshire, England, and to fit in with the magazine these comics will all feature sights and sounds that are familiar to local residents. To make it clear which comics are from Aylesbury Town Matters we’ll be using a green border and a small header section on each strip – so you can easily skip them if you’re not interested in jokes about a town you’ve never visited.

This is a very exciting project for us: not only is there the potential for a few more regular readers from the pool of 29,000 households, but it’s also really nice to see The Greys in print in a magazine (which was our original intention when we started them the first time round, back in 1994).