This weekend is the ninth Southern California Linux Expo, or SCALE 9x for short. There will be a stand there for Inkscape – the software we use to create The Greys – and one of the organisers for that stand, Jon Cruz, was kind enough to let us put some of our leaflets on there.

Unfortunately the leaflets seem to have got lost in transit. Perhaps they slipped from the plane and are being pounded into papier maché by the fearsome waves of the Atlantic ocean. Perhaps they’re being pounded into submission by the fearsome staff of immigration control due to the “alien” content. Or perhaps they’ve been impounded by customs for reasons that only the customs people might understand.

Whatever the reason, they haven’t arrived yet.

So if you do go to SCALE 9x, make the time to drop by the Inkscape booth, tell them what a great job they’re doing, and thank them from us. But don’t expect to find our leaflets there 🙁