This strip is something a little different for The Greys: a parody, rather than a joke. It also marks the first of a trilogy of such parodies. “The Greys Film Poster Series; Part One: Heist Movies; Comic One: Reservoir Aliens”, if you will – but we felt that was perhaps a little long for the title.

This strip, and the next one, both date back to the first incarnation of The Greys, some fifteen years ago. Back then, a mere two or three years after the release of Reservoir Dogs, this was verging on the topical. Now we’re hoping for retro instead.

With the resurrection of The Greys as a web comic we dug out these strips, spruced them up and significantly improved them, drew Easter Eggs, and then put them on the pile marked “Nearly Finished” for several months. During that time we decided that they should be published together, but as all sci-fi fans like a good trilogy we thought they would benefit from a sibling. So we worked on a third heist movie poster parody (in fact we’re still working on it, but it should be finished in time), polished off the last few tweaks in this and the next one, and decided to go live with them.

In the meantime, Vince stumbled across his old sketchbook from way back when, so you can see how this strip was originally roughed out:

When we resurrected The Greys as a web comic, we also pulled together any of our old Corel Draw files that we could find as a starting point for our Inkscape work. Unfortunately the last few of our “Reservoir Aliens” files had long since been resigned to the bit-bucket, but we were able to find an early version:

From original sketch, through the simple style of our early Corel Draw work, to the final strip; we hope you’ll agree that letting our comics mature for 15 years has certainly led to a better result.

Cette bande dessinée est aussi disponible en français
This comic is also available in French

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