This is the first comic for our local Town Council’s quarterly magazine, Aylesbury Town Matters. This strip appears in issue #20, together with an article introducing the comic. A low-resolution copy of the page is available here, in case you really want to read the accompanying text. In order to differentiate the strips we’re producing for Aylesbury Town Matters from our usual comics we’re giving them all a green border. That should make it easier for you to skip them if you’re not interested in them, or find yourself visually assaulted by the larger font we’ve had to use to ensure it’s still readable in print.

This particular strip references a well-known, and somewhat contentious, local building, Aylesbury County Hall. It towers over the other buildings in the town, and dominates the landscape for miles around. Despite often being derided as little but a concrete monolith, even this building can look interesting given the right photo:

Image courtesy of Mark Rutland

Finally, as this is our first appearance in the magazine, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Town Council staff who are responsible for Aylesbury Town Matters: Keith, Hilary, and particularly Danny who was kind enough to champion our proposal for inclusion. We’d also like to offer huge thanks to our friends at Bluepepper Designs, who lay out and print the magazine, and were incredibly helpful and understanding as we went through the learning process of getting our Inkscape file onto the page without losing any quality on the way.

Cette bande dessinée est aussi disponible en français
This comic is also available in French

Questo fumetto è disponibile anche in italiano
This comic is also available in Italian

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