This is the last in our trilogy of heist movie poster parodies.

It was a confluence of events which led to this particular comic. We had been re-working our old “Reservoir Aliens” and “The Unusual Suspects” strips for a while, and decided that it would be nice to create a new poster parody to form a trilogy. The common theme between Reservoir Dogs and The Usual Suspects is that they both fall into the category of “heist movies”, so we talked about other films which might fit this category, and of course The Italian Job stood out as a classic in the genre. But we struggled to come up with a good idea which would work in the context of a Greys parody.

During this period of flailing around for another suitable film poster to parody I happened to be out shopping in Milton Keynes one day. Stopping for lunch at the Marks & Spencer’s café there, I found myself in the queue in front of a certain Warwick Davis. Although I had one of our Greys leaflets in my pocket I decided not to accost him with it, as we didn’t have any strips which featured a character he’d played.

That event led to a chat with Vince where we considered Warwick’s most iconic characters (Wicket, Willow and Professor Flitwick) and pondered how we could shoehorn one into any of our upcoming comics. Then it hit us. The Italian Job could become The Endorian Job, themed around The Return of the Jedi. Another look at the poster from the 30th anniversary re-release of the film and it was clear that the sewer pipe and minis could easily become a Death Star and spaceships – and Michael Caine would become Wicket:

That killed two birds with one stone: now we finally had the third heist movie poster parody to complete our trilogy, and in the unlikely event that I ever find myself in a queue in front of Warwick Davis again, I’ll be able to hand him a leaflet and proudly point out that not only does one of his characters feature prominently in one of our strips, but that he gets a couple of mentions in the associated text as well.

Cette bande dessinée est aussi disponible en français
This comic is also available in French

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