We were long overdue a proper Battlestar Galactica strip. The programme was a major inspiration for our “Frakking Kids” strip, but until now we’d never used it in a real comic of its own.

At the start of the recent remake we are told that the Cylons “have a plan”. We were a little concerned that their plan might just consist of the instruction book for a self assembly Cylon. Although such instructions are usually devoid of text, if Ikea’s product naming strategy is anything to go by then the parts that make up a Cylon could have some very bizarre names indeed.

Cette bande dessinée est aussi disponible en français
This comic is also available in French

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↓ Transcript
[Caption: The Cylons were created by man...]

[Caption: And they have a plan...]

[Scene shows two old-style cylons trying to build a new one from a "Cykea" kit]

C1: I think we're missing a buckling wrench to get pivot J to meet with sprangle bracket Q…

C1: And the ganglesprůcher has to fit into the plőm-hole

[Scene shows the new cylon has been incorrectly built. The second cylon is holding its head in his hands]

C2: Are you *sure* we're supposed to have this bit left over?