Science fiction is full of mechas (or mechs as Wikipedia would have it) and powered exoskeletons – though the budget requirements tend to limit their use in TV. They occur repeatedly in written fiction, where budget is no limit, and are a staple of big-budget Hollywood sci-fi movies. But on TV they tend to be restricted to animations (they’re a particularly common theme in Japanese anime) and the occasional CGI insert.

Our mecha takes inspiration from a number of sources. Obviously there’s a huge influence from the cargo-loader from Aliens, with a little of Avatar’s AMP Suits thrown in for good measure.

But the idea for the joke came to me originally while watching Mobile Suit Gundam, and I’m sure that my childhood memories of Starfleet’s Dai-X also played a part.

Yes, science fiction is full of mechas. Great, isn’t it 😀

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↓ Transcript
[Grey in a large mecha suit talking to another grey]

G1: What do you think of my new mecha suit?

G1: It's got rockets

G1: It's got a flame thrower

G1: It's got high-power lasers

G1: And it's got a big cannon

G2: You saw a spider in the bathroom again, didn't you?