The notion that the ancient gods were actually alien visitors to Earth was largely popularised by the books of Erich Von Däniken in the 1970s, and has become a staple of the science fiction genre ever since. Perhaps the most obvious example is the Stargate franchise which began with the premise that the ancient Egyptian gods were actually a race of powerful aliens – a premise that was retconned in the Stargate SG-1 series, converting the aliens into parasitic worms called the Goua’uld.

The Stargate franchise later went on to alienise the Norse gods in the form of the Asgard – the characters that most closely resemble the appearance of our Greys.

Which leads to a question about the image above: if the Asgard look like the Greys, but the Goua’uld pose as Egyptian gods, does this comic imply that some of the Asgard were taken over by parasitic alien worms before their trip to Speaker’s Corner?

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↓ Transcript
[Scenes show a group of Egyptian gods, with more being revealed in each panel]

Osiris: People of Earth…
I, the great god Osiris have returned

At my side stand Sobek, creator of the world and Anubis, lord of the underworld

Even the great sun god Ra and the sky god Horus stand amongst my minions

So I command thee, people of Earth, to bow down before me, or face my wrath!

[Scene shows that they are standing at Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park, with nobody listening to them]

I don't understand…
it worked so well 5000 years ago