When we sent out our first batch of Greys CDs we decided to throw in a little bonus gift in the form of an original hand-drawn Greys sketch by Vince (believe us, you don’t want a sketch from Mark!). Each sketch was unique, and offered a little random insight into the daily lives of The Greys.

To see out the end of 2011 we’ve decided to repeat this give-away. If you order one or more CDs before the end of December we’ll send you a randomly selected but totally unique sketch of The Greys. Plus the CDs make great Christmas presents for the sci-fi or comic fan in your life (though if you want them as Christmas gifts we suggest ordering as soon as possible).

Our Tip Jar page gives the low-down on what’s on the CD, complete with the button you’ll need to press to place an order. And if you want an idea of how the sketches look, here’s a little compilation of just a few of the ones that were sent out with the first batch of discs: