Here’s a quick list of what we’ve been doing since the previous update:

  • The sleeve design has been finished, sent to the printer, and the first proofs received (see below)
  • The HTML5 multimedia extravaganza that accompanies the interview on the CD is 95% finished. We just need to add a few more pull quotes and images to fill the areas that don’t currently have any other media content to accompany the audio
  • The English language HTML pages have been fleshed out with the original web commentary for each strip
  • The remaining sketches and original prints of The Greys, from 1995/6, have all been scanned, cropped, tidied, enhanced where necessary, and attached as bonus media to the relevant comic pages
  • We’ve recorded the rest of the commentary audio for the strips
  • More Easter Eggs have been sneaked in 😉

The end is now in sight. We still have the HTML pages for the translations to complete, and we have to go through the commentaries to cherry-pick the best of them (believe me, you don’t want to listen to all of them!). Once we’ve decided on the commentaries, there will be a little time needed to edit them and adjust the audio levels. With the minor additions to the interview multimedia, that will be the content of the CD finished.

We have now received the first proofs for the CD sleeve from our good friends at Bluepepper Designs. They were also kind enough to offer us a “spare” slot they had on a run of business cards, so we used the opportunity to create some business card style flyers:

The sleeves need a little colour tweaking to bring them closer in colour to the cards, but once that’s done we’ll be ordering the full print run of 200 sleeves. Next we need to design the image for the face of the CD itself. Remember, once that’s done and we’re ready to order them, the price will go up to £5 per CD, so order now if you want to get in at the pre-order price of £3 Our pre-order offer has finished now, so if you want to order a CD the price is £5. Just donate via the buttons below – or visit our Tip Jar for more details.


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