There are two people responsible for The Greys, and the other one – Vince – had a landmark birthday (that he doesn’t like to talk about) at the weekend. Vince and I don’t usually buy presents for each other – he generally forgets my birthday (despite it being the day before his daughter’s), and I generally can’t be bothered to buy him a present on account of him having forgotten my previous birthday. But as this was a landmark birthday I thought I’d put such petty thoughts to one side and arrange a present or two for him.

My first idea was for a poster-sized print of one of our comics. I went for an A2 sized copy of “The Edorian Job” which was expertly handled by our old friends at Bluepepper Designs (if you need an independent design and print company and are located in or near to Aylesbury, give them a call). The initial A3 proof showed a couple of issues that had sneaked into our original design, but which don’t show up much at web-site sizes. A tweak to the original file, and a bit of colour correction on their part, and I was furnished with a glorious A2 print a couple of days later.

As great as the poster is, I decided to really shame his forgetfulness with a second present. Something that I knew he would like, and that would also help to advertise The Greys. A T-shirt.

This one took a bit more effort as our comics aren’t really designed for T-shirt proportions. A little jiggering and pokering, however, led to a suitable arrangement of the key parts from “Reservoir Aliens“. I added a web address, and one of our trademark Easter Eggs, then placed an order with for a pair of light blue tees – one as the present, and one for me.

So here’s the landmark birthday boy – but remember, he doesn’t like to talk about it – in his nice new “Reservoir Aliens” T-shirt. Happy birthday Vince!