NEWSFLASH: Empire Watch recently published a report about the database breach on Coruscant that occurred in 25BBY. Due to an administrative oversight hackers were able to access a Jedi Council database, and the password data of almost 20,000 users was stolen and released online. An analysis has revealed that the most commonly used passwords amongst Jedi knights and padwans are:

1) Password
2) TheForce
3) the_force
4) t3h_f0rc3
5) correct pulga battery staple

Experts in the field have suggested that some aspects of their training may have imposed subconscious biases in the minds of upcoming Jedi knights, leading to them overwhelmingly choosing similar passwords. The analysis also revealed some more imaginative entries: one user from Dagobah had his password set to “Secret_My_Password_Is”, whilst another on Tatooine favoured “ThisIsn’tThePasswordYou’reLookingFor”.

The official response from the Jedi Council states that, although no credit card information was exposed during the breach, users are advised to change their passwords on any sites that are linked to their Jedi email addresses.

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↓ Transcript
G1: I can't believe we've managed to get into Darth Vader's private office.

G2: Now we just need to get the Death Star plans off his computer to send to the Rebels.


G1: Damn! We need a password to log in.
What's in those photos? One of them might hold the key.

G2: There's one of his mother…
…a portrait of Queen Amidala, and some sort of podracer.

G1: Let's start with "Shmi" then…


G2: How about "QueenAmidala"?

G1: No, that's too impersonal. If he's got her photo then he probably knows her. I'll try "Padmé"…


G2: Perhaps the podracer had a name?

G1: Wait — I've got an idea…


G2: Great! How did you know what the password was?

G1: I didn't — I just used "TheForce"