This is the last strip of Season 3, which has added another 28 comics to The Greys, and brought the total so far to 85 strips! Roll on our centenary, halfway through Season 4…

Much has been written about George Lucas’s revisionist approach to the original Star Wars trilogy. I don’t mind some of the CGI additions, but I’m not keen on changes that modify the character of the original story.

The best known of these is the “Han shot first” problem, which undermines Han Solo’s redemption from a ruthless criminal to a rebel hero. But I’m also not keen on the addition of a large number of CGI ships to the previously small band that attacked the Death Star. In the original release we’re witness to a last ditch effort by an oppressed rebel alliance – a real Hail Mary moment that conjures up David and Goliath, as a few heavily outgunned ships are able to win the day despite all the odds.

Jump to the remastered versions, and suddenly that small band of ships has become quite a fleet: the rebels are less of a band of freedom fighters, and more of an organised militia. Perhaps with a couple more tweaked releases the size of the rebel fleet will grow even more until it’s the Empire who are outgunned by an overwhelming armada of computer generated ships.

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↓ Transcript
[Inside an X-Wing cockpit]

Radio: All wings report in

Pilot 1: Red leader, standing by

[Scene pulls out to show a second X-Wing]

Pilot 2: Gold leader, standing by

[Pulls out again]

Pilot 3: Blue leader, standing by

[And again]

Pilot 4: Magenta leader, standing by

Pilot 5: Puce leader, standing by

Pilot 6: Aquamarine leader, standing by

Pilot 7: White with a Hint of Apple leader, standing by

[Finally the view pulls out to show dozens of ships]

Pilot 8: Soylent Green leader…

Pilot 9: Strangely Brown leader…

Pilot 10: Pantone 300 leader…

Pilot 11: Clockwork Orange leader…

Pilot 1: You know Artoo, there are times when I think this digital remastering thing might have gone a bit too far!