This is the second of our strips to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. A recent throw-away line that made me chuckle (and apparently annoyed a lot of the more hardcore fans of the series) was this explanation of why the TARDIS makes its classic noise:

Given the ongoing problem with the broken Chameleon Circuit, it struck me that perhaps both “issues” have the same underlying cause…

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↓ Transcript
[Scene shows a mechanic's garage, with the TARDIS materialising]

Mechanic: Ooh, a Type 40. You don't see many of those anymore

Mechanic: What's the problem then guv? I bet it's the chameleon circuit — the Type 40 was notorious for 'em

Doctor: Well, yes, now that you mention it, there is an issue with the chameleon circuit…

Mechanic: Yeah, I see your problem guv. The circuit's overheated…

…they put it right next to the brake pads, you see, and all it takes is some plonker to pull away with the handbrake on and it goes kaput!