I should probably be ashamed to mention that, despite being a British sci-fi fan, I have never watched The Prisoner. By which I mean that I’ve never sat down to watch all 17 episodes from start to finish, although I have seen the occasional individual episode and numerous clips over the years.

Recently I decided to correct this anomaly, and tried to watch it. I found that it was listed for streaming on Lovefilm (a UK video streaming and DVD rental company, owned by Amazon). As I have an active Lovefilm subscription and both a TV and Blu-ray player that have Lovefilm applications I looked forward to being able to watch it on a television in the comfort of my living room.

Except I couldn’t find it (The Prisoner, not my living room).

I double-checked their website and, sure enough, it was listed as available to watch on “Lovefilm Instant” – their streaming service. So I checked the TV and blu-ray again, manually wading through all the likely categories after the search options failed me. Still no sign of it.

I emailed their support department, only to be told that their license for The Prisoner only allowed them to stream it via a web browser. Unfortunately their web interface required Microsoft Silverlight, so is not available on my Linux box. So despite paying for a Lovefilm subscription, and owning two Lovefilm Instant capable players, I couldn’t watch a 1967 programme due to some ridiculous licensing deal which means they can send a stream of bits to Windows and MacOS computers, but not to a Linux machine, nor even to hardware running their own streaming apps.

No wonder people resort to piracy.

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↓ Transcript
[A grey, dressed as Patrick McGoohan from "The Prisoner", is spoken to by a voice from outside the frame]

Voice: You are number 6.

Grey: I am not a number, I am a free man!

[Scene shows that the Grey is standing at a deli counter, holding a ticket with number 6 on it. The voice was that of the woman behind the counter]

Woman: Well, if you're going to be like that dearie, I'll serve the next customer instead!