Daisy, our pantomime cow, is a stalwart of the 1995 incarnation of The Greys, from her genesis in a comic that would become the fourth strip when we re-launched as a webcomic. She’s turned up again since then, made it to the party at the end of Season 1, and has been a fixture of all our header images to date.

In an effort to expand Daisy’s repertoire I asked Vince to draw a more realistic cow – the plan being to contrive some kind of joke that resulted in Daisy ending up in a herd of non-pantomime cows. Unfortunately Vince was in a mischievous mood that day, and what came back wasn’t a cow, but a bull… and one that had, shall we say, “taken a liking” to Daisy!

Now I hate to see a drawing go to waste, so this strip was born, and Vince’s bull was relegated to the Easter Egg. If you really want to be exposed to Vince’s mischievous side, you can find it if you open the SVG file in Inkscape. But you have been warned.

Cette bande dessinée est aussi disponible en français
This comic is also available in French

Komik ini juga tersedia dalam Bahasa Indonesia
This comic is also available in Indonesian

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↓ Transcript
[Scene shows two Greys in a pantomime cow outfit ready to transport]
G1: We've added "bovine" to the universal translator.
But we need you to infiltrate a herd of cattle to make the final adjustments.

[Inside the cow outfit]
(Outside): MMMOOOO
Translator: "Mend the bell"
G2: Perhaps the bell on our disguise is broken
G3: I'm not sure — try tweaking the controls a bit

(Outside): MMMOOOO
Translator: "Find the ball"
G2: Ah, I think they want us to play a game with them
G3: Have they even got a ball? Try adjusting it again

(Outside): MMOOOO
Translator: "MIND THE BULL!!!"
G2: I think we've got to beware of the bull
G3 (wincing): I KNOW!!!

[Back in the transporter room]
G1: How did the mission go?
G2: Very well indeed…
Not only did we make the adjustments to the universal translator.
But Derek managed to get one heck of a DNA sample!