The Greys has finally completed its five year mission. Since 2009 we’ve managed to create 139 strips — more than one a fortnight, on average. When we launched the site we had grand plans to become a weekly comic strip, but you only have to look at the difference between Yeti Boots and (Re)Generations to realise that we chose instead to increase the detail and complexity of each strip — not to mention the number of panels.

It didn’t help, either, that we opted to create Easter Eggs for each strip. More often than not, these took the form of entire extra panels and gags — but we’ve even gone as far as creating a watercolour-painted children’s book and a video game. If you haven’t gone egg hunting then you’re missing out on a large proportion of our Greys content.

In the past five years The Greys have appeared in print and in a museum, and various strips have been translated into Brazilian Portuguese, French, Indonesian, Italian, Russian and Spanish. No Klingon yet (though a very small amount has appeared in easter eggs).

But now it’s time for a change. The past couple of years has seen significant upheaval in our personal lives, and we’re finding it increasingly difficult to continue hitting those fortnightly targets. Rather than see the quality drop, we’ve decided on a different course of action. It’s time for The Greys: The Next Generation.

What this means is that there will be a Season 6. But we’re going to take a month or two off to recharge our batteries (and finish off some S5 Easter Eggs). When the strip returns, it will no longer have any pretence at being a fortnightly strip; instead the comics will be posted as and when they’re ready. If you don’t want to miss them you can register for email notifications on any of our pages using the “Follow” link in the bottom right corner — or you can follow our RSS feed, Facebook page or Twitter feed.

We hope that this change will allow us the time to create the epic multi-strip stories that we’ve never found the time to tell, and grant us the luxury of creating the comics that we think are the funniest, rather than those that are quickest to draw. With 139 comics to read, and even more Easter Eggs to find, there should be plenty of historical Greys content to keep you amused between our new strips.

See you back here in a month or two, for Season 6: Vince has already drawn a corker of a header image…