According to the Mayans today is the day that the world ends. Or it might have been yesterday. Or anytime in the next couple of days. But it will definitely end. Or perhaps it’s just the start of a new cycle. It really does depend on which “expert” you choose to ask.

In celebration of this (non-)event, we’ve decided to reissue one of our Season 3 comics, “The Gods Have Returned“, but in a first for us we’re also exposing the Easter Egg. Like most of our Easter Eggs this one was previously only visible to people who downloaded the SVG file, opened it in Inkscape, and had a bit of a search round (well, scrolled down a bit). But as this could be the last chance anyone gets to see any of our Easter Eggs before an unseen meteor crashes into the planet, we thought we’d be kind enough to make one of them easily accessible to all.

So without further ado, here is “The Gods have Returned” with the rarely seen extra panel. Click on it for the full sized version: