There’s been a long history of alien fascination with cows, from alleged cow mutilations to full-on abductions.

Quite what aliens want with cows, we don’t know. Perhaps Douglas Adams was close-but-wrong, and it’s the cows, not the mice, that are actually superior pan-galactic beings. The fact that we turn a lot of them into inferior pan-fried products probably won’t do much to gain their assistance when the Vogons arrive. Of course we have our own theory about the alien-cow relationship.

Having drawn a cartoon cow we decided it needed more than one outing in our little cartoon universe, so our little Daisy got promoted to the heading of this site. It’s right up the top of the page, if you missed it. Daisy appears a couple of times: letting you know that we post a new comic fortnightly (every other Thursday, to be precice), and getting abducted by a passing UFO.

If you’re a big fan of the whole cow-being-abducted-by-a-UFO meme, then you might also be interested in a lamp modelled on just that scenario. UK readers can buy it from for the princely (or is that pricey?) sum of about £80. The original manufacturer’s website is worth a look, too – especially as it gives you an excuse to dig out those anaglyphic glasses you’ve got buried away in the back of a drawer for the full 50s B-movie effect.

I know, I know. You’re an alien-cow-kidnap fan, but can’t really justify spending £80 on a lamp. I understand completely. Or perhaps you’re reading this in the future, having missed out on the limited run of 2,000 original lamps. If you don’t mind putting in a bit of Blue Peter effort though, you can also make your own much more cheaply. You could even save a little money by foregoing the “Package of farm animals” and instead printing a picture of our little Daisy onto cardboard to insert into the evil abduction beam of doom.

Daisy. Click for the SVG version

(Click for the SVG version)