The latest version of Firefox was released a few days ago. It adds some great new features, including native audio and video support, but it’s worth taking a specific look at what 3.5 means for SVG:

  • There have been bug fixes, but as far as I can tell no new major functionality added to the basic SVG support
  • No sign of SMIL animation, though there are indications that it might make it for the next major release
  • There’s a new Javascript engine, which should help to speed up or smooth scripted animations
  • It’s now possible to use SVG filters and masks on non-SVG content – including normal HTML pages, and even running video!

The lack of SMIL still puts Opera in the lead for SVG support. Hopefully the ability to use filters and masks for other content might draw a few more people into playing around with SVG in general. If you would like to see demos of some of the new features of Firefox 3.5 – including SVG filters and masks – there are links to a few of them on my personal blog post about this.