This strip is a follow-up to our previous one. While that strip deals with the popular press’s fixation on the Dalek’s apparent problem with stairs, this one is intended to draw attention to the fact that stair-climbing isn’t the only restriction imposed by encasing yourself in a metal can. Quite honestly I’m surprised The Doctor has so much trouble with them.

Cette bande dessinée est aussi disponible en français
This comic is also available in French

Questo fumetto è disponibile anche in italiano
This comic is also available in Italian

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↓ Transcript
[Daleks are approaching the TARDIS, holding a key]

D1: Now that we have "The Ramp", nothing can stop the Daleks. Our armour is impervious to ballistic munitions. Our death rays exterminate our enemies with ruthless efficiency. The adaptive suckers on our manipulator arms can mould to hold any shape.

D1: With such superior technology we have been able to capture The Doctor and now posess the key to his time machine, the TARDIS.

D1: Oops!


D2: What do you mean, you've dropped the key?

D1: I cannot reach it! I cannot reach it!