Putting The Album on life support

I hadn’t planned to write any more about the decline in album sales, but just when I thought I’d put the subject to bed, I stumbled across this article.

The short version of this not-very-long-anyway article is that Apple has apparently partnered with several major music labels in a scheme to push album sales through the inclusion of extra interactive widgets with your download.

Now I don’t mind the addition of extra content, but I fear that this is just another attempt to shore up a dying business model – and probably a thinly disguised attempt to get the serious fans to buy the content they already own all over again. Yes, it will probably increase album sales on iTunes a little – but unless the extras prove to be particularly good value for money, I predict that the upturn will be short lived.

Edit, 29th July 2009: There’s a little bit more information in this Wired article

Edit, 11th August 2009: It’s not just Apple – some of the major labels are launching a rich album format of their own now

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