A few follow-ups

Just a quick follow up on some earlier posts:

• British sci-fi Primeval, which finished with a cliffhanger and was then cancelled, has been brought back from extinction. It may not be the best programme in the world, but there’s little enough home-grown sci-fi as it is, so beggars can’t be choosers.

• In an effort to revitalise the concept of an “album” in a world of individual track downloads, Apple launched their “iTunes LP” format, as I discussed previously. Despite being little more than a zip file with a load of HTML in it, it seems that Apple are using it as a hugely overpriced money making scheme which is only open to the major record labels with deep pockets. Indie labels need not apply (note: in fairness the update from Apple on that page indicates that they will be releasing free and open specs for iTunes LPs “soon” – but with no indication of when “soon” might be. Until the specs are out, I guess the $10,000 price tag still applies)

Edit, 30th November 2009: It looks like “soon” is “now” – I’m glad Apple decided to go down the open-specs route on this one, though I still prefer my idea of a “collection” rather than trying to prop up the outdated concept of “the album”

• Having thoroughly enjoyed Okami on the Wii, and been disappointed that there wouldn’t be a sequel, I was delighted to discover news of Okamiden (and here) on the DS 😀

EDIT: A late addition – it looks like Gnome Zeitgeist might be just the answer to my “honest serving men” question, if and when it reaches fruition. Definitely one to keep an eye on