Here we are at the start of Season 4 of The Greys and tradition dictates that we change our header image as a mark of celebration.

We were going to have a ‘Mr Benn‘ inspired header (which might still make it for Season 5). Vince had made some good progress on it… and then we had a semi-random discussion about the car the UNCLE agents were driving at the start of ‘The Karate Killers‘. The following week he returned not only with information about the car (an AMT Piranha), but with a ‘Man from U.N.C.L.E‘ inspired header. A few tweaks and a font purchase later, and we had the header you see above.

Season 3 was an ‘interesting’ year for us. Maybe we’ll tell you about it one day, when our legal department says we can. Suffice to say that our extravagant outlay on CD-ROMs, stickers, a new computer for Vince (his previous one was over 6 years old) and three increases in our ISP package to handle the increased traffic we’re seeing has left us somewhat in the red. So if you’re considering buying one of our lovely CDs, our Bank Manager would be most grateful 😉

For Season 2 we set up our Facebook page; for Season 3 it was a Twitter account. Season 4 sees us making inroads into the world of Tumblr, so if you have an account with them we’d love you to follow us and share our comics – we’ve got separate addresses for our two comic strips:

As you may already know, we use the Open Source program “Inkscape” to create our comics – and even make all our Greys strips available for download as Inkscape source files. Mark is sharing some of the tricks and tips we’ve picked up over the past three years, in the form of a series of tutorials in Full Circle Magazine that should run throughout Season 4 and beyond.

Finally we’re hoping to get a bit more of the “social” into our social networking this year. We’ll be making ourselves more available to answer questions – whether about our comics, Inkscape, sci-fi, or just general chat. We hope to also bring you some behind-the-scenes photos, sketches and more. Keep an eye on our various social networking pages for more information about our ‘formal’ Q&A sessions (i.e. the hour or two each week when we meet up and will both be around to answer your questions), or just make a post, comment or tweet to us at any time and we’ll reply when we can.

We wish to thank the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement without whose assistance this new header would not be possible